Logistics Worldwide Air Freight
             Expan global freight forwarding services provides a personalized service to and from all key markets             and competitive rates for all time and cost variant. Our Air freight operations are available for over 150           countries worldwide. All air freight services are time defined and by working together with carefully         selected preferred carriers Expan forwarding offers a standardized connection and fixed schedule on all       main routes with commercial airlines and charted capacities. All logistics processes from pick-up to     delivery are supported and controlled by leading edge information management
   systems and provide the customers with fullinformation transparency. Air freight
  traffic has been forecasted to grow at an average annual rate of over 5.9% for the
 next two decades, according to the2010/2022 Boeing World Air Cargo Forecast Our

      Global networks of owned and extensive agent partners help grow     business, influenced by the changing needs of our customers. We    deliver tailored transport services, worldwide and end to end. Our Air   product has service levels, with commitment on different delivery   times,routings, pricing and handling procedures to suite every   requirement and business model of our customers. Our Air freight   services are backed up on ground by an experienced & customer focused team , expediting, documentation, bookings, vendor services.

We offer following services


        Urgent air freight: When you need your goods moved in the quickest possible
       transit time, Expan Air FIRST is your best choice. As the name suggests, Expan
     AIR FIRST freight is placed on the first flight out and receives a priority service,
   through to the destination airport and beyond

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