Expan Fast Truck
        Our trucking division is fully equipped to handle your FTL (Full Truck Load) PTL (Per truck load)      Movements From anywhere to everywhere in India. Our vast network with 20 Regional Offices and 45 Area       offices, catering to over 1000 location across PAN India, makes us closest to any economical cost, makes   us closest to any source of raw material, or any plant,or any customer in the country. We provide Customized Solutions to meet the requirements of movement of your heavy cargo at an economical cost.

Real time tracking of the vehicles
Holiday & Sunday deliveries
Delicate Handling
EXPAN Commitment
Fork lift solutions
World class Packaging Solutions
Specialized Customer Support
Total Documentation solution
Motley of well trained truck drivers
Unique identification number for each piece of your load
Delivery to over 1000 cities across PAN India
Comprehensive Insurance & peace of mind
Our vehicle does not exceed the load capacity defined per vehicle.
    Specially designed services to deliver your heavy and heavier cargo to your   prestigious customer in well defined time to over 1000 cities Nationwide, enabling cost optimization and help you run your business better.