Tools - DG Goods.
       Articles or materials capable of posing significant risk to people, health, property, or environment when transported in quantity. It includes items of common use, such as aerosol cans, perfumes, and paints etc
List of documents required for DG Goods
Invoice & Packing List duly sign and stamp.(3 sets).
S.D.F. Form duly sign and stamp.(2 sets).
Value Declaration Form duly sign and stamp.(2 sets)
Annexure-1 or Cenvat Certificate duly sign and stamp. If, DBK required.
MSDS (Metal Safety Data Sheet). (Must required).
Analysis Report. (Must required).
Labels required. (Classes Labels and Over pack used labels)
D.G. Declaration Form. (Must required).
D9.Copy of Last shipping bill if, customer is new.